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Please check back back on a regular bases and watch as this page grows. For those of you wishing to have your links added to this page, please understand that I do not accept reciprocal links agreements, but rather evaluate each link on an individual basis. I am particularly interested in non-profit links to sites that are exceptional in their field. If you know of such a link that you would like to see included here, please feel free to submit it for consideration. submit a site

Anxiety . . .

Shake Your Shyness - I'm a little biased about this site, because its one of my own. First published in 2000, the site has welcomed over 100,000 visitors and is considered one of the best resources for information on the topic shyness and social anxiety on the internet. I maintain the site as part of my commitment to the provision of pro bono (i.e., free) services to the community, which with the evolution of the internet has come to mean the entire world.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy . . .

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy -  You may have heard the term Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, but not really known what it meant. Sponsored by the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, this site provide a nice summary.

NPR (National Public Radio) - Don't want to read, try listening to these online NPR productions on various aspects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Relationships & Dating Skills . . .

Breakups101.com  Strange name for a relationship website, don't you think?  Nevertheless, this site provides links to a host of websites and articles addressing dating and relationship issues---some good, some not so good; some selling things and some providing valuable food for thought.  You be the judge. My take on the site is that the good tips are worth searching through the not so good tips to find.

Meeting People Skills  This site, sponsored by Thomas Stevens, Ph.D., provides a wealth or information and food for thought about dating, relationships, how and why intimacy develops. It's a great place to start for looking for tips on how to ask people out, what to do on your first date and is one of the few sites that actually teaches some of the skills you'll need to learn if you want to the keep the right partner once you've found him/her.

Referral Services . . .

American Psychological Association   For information on resources in your community click referrals.  For general information on a variety of mental health related topics, click here.

Washington State Psychological Association - This is the link to the online referral service for the Washington State Psychological Association. The online service is new. Please be patient with it. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, feel free to contact the Association at (206) 547-4220.

Psychology Today  If you're not sure where to start and just want to get a feel for the different kinds of therapists and services available in your area, you may want to check out Psychology Today's referral service. The service allows you to search by zip code and offers short profiles of therapists in and/or, hopefully, near you.

Self-Help . . .

Psychological Self-Help - I stumbled on to this free online book and having been impressed by the parts I've read so far, I decided to include it as a resource. Written by Clinical Psychologist, Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd, Psychological Self-Help provides an overview of common life challenges from anxiety, anger and aggression to dating, happiness, depression and understanding the way we think about ourselves.  Dr. Tucker-Ladd then goes on to provide a review of self-help techniques designed to help you address these concerns


Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 455-5400 Email: socialskills@reneegilbert.com

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