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A New World

Things have changed a lot since I developed the courses listed on this page. Most notably, the pandemic brought all in person classes to a screeching halt. And while we're slowly moving in the direction of a new normal, we're still not quite there yet.

Fortunately all, or almost all, of the courses and/or course content listed on this page continues to be available in one form or another. Groups and organizations interested in the classes listed below can contact me directly to explore options for making course content available to your organization through online trainings, webinars, and blended learning. As in the past, course material will continue to be available to individuals through skills training coaching or as part of my psychotherapy practice.

Please check back over the coming months for updates on course availablilty, but also for new programs specifically focused on the kinds of personal and professional social challenges we now face in what we hope will be a post pandemic world.

For more information on dates and locations for classes not presently scheduled, please email me.

Learn to Schmooze: Thrive in a Room Full of Strangers  If you find yourself wondering why some people walk in a room full of strangers and leave with new friends and business acquaintances, it's time to learn the tricks of the trade. Learn how to make winning introductions, onnect with strangers, and put people at ease. We'll explore commonly overlooked "schmoozing opportunities," what it means to "work a room,"how to make your goodbyes memorable, and simple things you can do to prepare for and follow-up on any event--tools and techniques designed to last a lifetime.


Captivating Conversations  Do you find yourself searching for something to say when you meet someone new? Then you're not alone. Most people do. So why not be prepared? Learn the secret of successful conversation--from what to say and how to say it to ways to deal with those awkward lulls that sink a conversation. In this fun filled evening, we will demystify the art of conversation and practice simple easy techniques to put yourself and others at ease. We'll cover the fundamentals of good conversation along with tricks of the trade that draw people out, move the conversation along in the direction of your choosing and help ease whatever fears or anxieties you may have about striking up a conversation--be it for business or pleasure.


Say It Right!   Knowing what to say is only half the battle. If you don't know how to speak in ways that capture the attention of your audience, your message can be lost. In this course we will explore the subtleties of how we speak. Tone of voice, volume and pitch control, as well as mirroring, pacing and tricks of the trade designed to transform ordinary conversations into charismatic moments will be discussed. Students will have an opportunity to practice their conversation skills and receive personalized feedback on ways to enhance their verbal performance.


Body Language Boot Camp  Unlock the mysteries of body language. Learn to command authority with a look, how to incorporate your body type into your body language, and how to look more approachable to others. We'll cover the basics from posture, gestures and facial expressions to the style of your walk, where to sit and keys to effective eye contact. Be prepared to have fun learning this strange, but powerful language.


Goal-Oriented Communication: Results With Words   A good conversation is like a carefully planned trip--it helps to know where you're going before you get there.  In this class, you'll learn to develop a "roadmap" for effective communication.  Armed with fundamental techniques for good communication, you'll learn to identify communication goals in yourself and others, to recognize differences in communication patterns from person to person and adjust your style accordingly, to channel conversations in the direction you want them to go and to avoid unnecessary conflict with the turn of a phrase.  More importantly, you'll learn the power that focusing on your goals can have on the outcome of your conversations--valuable tools for both your business and personal life.


Schmoozing For Introverts  Increase your social confidence while learning the skills you've admired in others. From winning introductions to strategies for putting people at ease, learn the skills active party-goers and professional networkers take for granted in this highly informative, interactive, practical, skills-training class.


Schmoozing For The Holidays The holiday season is upon us and with it a host of social obligations and opportunities. Learn to make the most of them---how to strike up conversations with the boss, be a gracious spouse and make a positive impression on your co-workers.  Learn how to host gatherings that put both you and your guests at ease and tips for making time spent with relatives go more smoothly.  From winning introductions, conversation starters, entries and exits to strategies for making new business and personal connections--it's time you learned to schmooze your way through the holidays.


Exceptional People Skills  Have you noticed how some people make great first impressions and seem to get along with everyone they meet? This class teaches you how to improve your people skills and establish a better rapport with coworkers, friends and family alike. From the words you use to your body language, we'll discuss communication styles that encourage and motivate others, while commanding respect and helping you stand out in a crowd. Learn how to handle conflict constructively, make your point without making an enemy and get to "yes" through persuasion, not coercion.

Social Skills Coaching  Personalized one-to-one skills-training sessions designed to identify social strengths, while bolstering areas of social weakness. Participants are coached in the development and implementation of a step-by-step plan to achieve social goals. Common areas targeted in coaching sessions include body-language, conversation skills, presentation skills and strategies for making positive first impressions. Sessions are augmented by audio and vide-taped feedback, practice sessions and homework assignments.
Who would benefit from this program. Individualized social-skills coaching is appropriate for business men and women who want to polish their social presence, singles who would like to refine their dating skills and individuals who simply want to feel more at ease in social situations.
Online Services. I set aside a limited number of openings for online coaching and consultation for people who do not live in the Seattle area and are unable to attend my classes. To participate in online coaching sessions, you must have access to high speed internet services and video conferencing capability of some kind. If you are unfamiliar with video conferencing, we can discuss low or no cost options that may work for you.
For more information contact me at my office . . . (425) 455-5400 or email me.



Renée Gilbert, Ph.D.
40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005
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